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[6] viXra:1503.0251 [pdf] submitted on 2015-03-29 16:38:45

Effects of Physical Education and Participation to Sports On Social Development in Children

Authors: Ozkan Keskin
Comments: 6 Pages.

The effects of participation to sports on general health have been well known. Through various studies in literature, it has been revealed that participation to sports has positive effects on physical, metabolic, psychological and spiritual health. In addition to benefits in terms of health, participation to sports provides some benefits in terms of social development as well. In this respect, in order to provide societies with socially developed individuals, physical education and participation to sports can be said to have an utmost effect. Especially children at younger ages are thought to be easy going and harmonious individuals in terms of social life provided that they are participated in sports activities at early ages. Having reviewed the literature in the field, it was seen that the number of studies focusing on the relationship between sports and socialization were plentiful, however, as to the number of studies investigating how much physical education and participation to sports activities effected social development in children, it was quite limited. In this framework, this study aimed to find out the effects of physical education and participation to sports on social development in children. Keywords: Physical education and sports, kids, socialization
Category: Social Science

[5] viXra:1503.0249 [pdf] submitted on 2015-03-29 16:45:25

Perceived Conflict Management Styles of Primary School Principals and Stress Level it Caused on Teachers: Gaziantep Sahinbey County Sample

Authors: Kerim Yıldız
Comments: 15 Pages.

The aim of this study was to find out the effects of conflict management styles used by primary school administrators on stress levels of teachers. Participants of the study were 470 primary school teachers, 228 of whom were female and 242 male, working in ahinbey County of Gaziantep province. Data were collected through Rahim Organizational Conflict Inventory II - ROCI II, and they were analyzed by using SPSS 15.0 package program for Windows. Results of the study revealed that school principals used integration, appeasement, avoidance and negotiation styles at moderate level according to the perceptions of teachers. As for ruling styles, they used it at below-moderate level. Integration style used by principals was observed to cause more stress on teachers compared to other styles. Perceptions of female teachers on the usage of appeasement and negotiation styles were found to be statistically lower than male teachers (p<0,05). However, conflict management styles that were used by principals did not reveal any statistically significant difference in terms of gender (P>0.05). In addition, perceived conflict management styles and stress level stemmed from conflict management styles did not reveal any significant difference in terms of age groups and education level of teachers (p>0.05). The correlation analysis between used conflict management and the stress level it caused on teachers showed that there was a significant relationship between used conflict management and stress level it caused on teachers. It can be derived from those findings that ruling style used by administrators in conflict management increased stress level of teachers at a statistically significant degree (p>0.05), as to the other conflict management styles, they decreased stress level of teachers. Key Words: Conflict, Conflict management, stress
Category: Social Science

[4] viXra:1503.0248 [pdf] submitted on 2015-03-29 16:47:49

The Problems and Resolutıon Advisory Related the Sports Parks Built by the Local Goverment (Mersin Example)

Authors: Cansın Kulekci Tatli, Mehmet Gundogdu
Comments: 11 Pages.

Aim of this study is to identify the problems related to sports parks built by local authorities in Mersin province and suggest solutions related to those problems. 166 participants who regularly used the sports parks built by local authorities in Mersin province participated in the study. A questionnaire that consisted of 28 questions 6 of which were demographic and 22 were close-ended questions was applied to the participants. Frequency analyses were used at SPSS 11.0 program to analyze the data of the study. Results of the study revealed that the users of these parks were women at middle or above-middle age, and as for their professional characteristics, housewives were the most frequent job group that used sports parks. The main reasons for using sports parks were pursuing a healthy life and weight control. It was also found out that the main reason for people to prefer sports parks was doing sports in open air and their being free of charge. Furthermore, some other findings on exercise types in these parks, their being sufficient in terms of health, and the rate of people benefitting from these parks were also obtained. Key words: Local authorities, sports, sports parks
Category: Social Science

[3] viXra:1503.0247 [pdf] submitted on 2015-03-29 16:50:03

The Effect of Leadership Styles of School Principals on Organizational Citizenshıp Behaviours of Teachers

Authors: Bayram Ali Yıldırım, Ahmet Cezmi Savas
Comments: 13 Pages.

The aim of this study was to find out the effect of leadership styles of school principals on organizational citizenship behaviors of teachers. Participants of the study were 125 preschool, class and branch teachers who were randomly selected. Data of the study were collected through “Multifactor Leadership Scale” and “Organizational Citizenship Behaviors Scale”. In order to find out the relationship among variables, multiple regression analysis was applied through SPSS 20 program. According to the results of this analysis, there was a positive relationship between overall average of leadership styles of school principals and organizational citizenship behaviors sub-dimensions and membership morality dimensions. Key words: Leadership, leadership styles, organizational citizenship behavior.
Category: Social Science

[2] viXra:1503.0030 [pdf] submitted on 2015-03-04 11:20:47

Quantum Economic Science/essentials

Authors: Stephen I. Ternyik
Comments: 1 Page.

The essentials of quantum economic science are explained, in simple English.
Category: Social Science

[1] viXra:1503.0014 [pdf] submitted on 2015-03-02 07:01:54

Advancing Georgist Thought

Authors: Stephen I. Ternyik
Comments: 10 Pages.

The eco-energetic role of the land value Monopoly in the modern monetary production economy is elaborated.
Category: Social Science