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[12] viXra:1511.0301 [pdf] submitted on 2015-11-30 21:26:08

The True Riches of Japan: High Tech and Natural Energy Can Secure Japan's Peace and Prosperity, and Give a New Sustainable Peace and Prosperity Dimension to Its Overseas Development Aid

Authors: Eckhard Hitzer
Comments: 3 Pages. Peace Reports of the International Christian University Peace Research Institute, Vol. 10, No. 2, Oct. 2015, pp. 9-11, 1 figure.

Japan has a worldwide reputation as high technology nation. This is especially true for sustainable energy technology. Sustainable and renewable energy is carbon-neutral, climate protecting, the actual fuel is either cost-free (essentially forms of solar energy and geothermal energy) or substantially cheaper than fossil fuel and unlimited in supply. Only investments into facilities for converting renewable energy to electricity and heat and their maintenance are required. Regarding geothermal energy, Japan is located on the edges of four tectonic plates and is ranked third world wide in volcanic activity. Its underground is very hot. Regarding wind power, a Japan Wind Power Association (industry) study of May 2014 [11] states that by 2050 Japan may develop up to 75 GW of wind power capacity from currently only 2.789 GW. Moreover, the development of sufficient sustainable domestic renewable energy sources, has the undeniable potential to ease international relations, calm tensions, and eliminate a key motivation for armed conflict in the 21st century. The choice is between an ever more expensive import of fossil fuel or that we begin today to invest into our own energy potentials, building a new supply infrastructure, thereby permanently reducing energy import dependence. Finally, as much as Renewable Energy can secure the peace of Japan, renewable energy related Overseas Development Aid can also contribute to economic stability and peace in developing countries.
Category: Social Science

[11] viXra:1511.0299 [pdf] submitted on 2015-11-30 13:27:56

To Investigate Psychological Well Being According To Age, Gender And Sport Make Sitution Physical Education And Sports Department Students

Authors: Meric ERASLAN
Comments: 8 Pages.

The aim of this study to investigate the level of psychological well being in Physical education and sport department student. Total 306 students joined who Gazi University School of Physical Education and Sports College students in this study. For researches data collection Psychological Well-Being Scale were used. The data obtained by the SPSS 17.0 software for statistical analysis, frequency analysis, independent t test and One Way ANOVA was used. At the end of the study, were found that women's psychological well-being is significantly more higher than the male participants to be significantly (p <0.05). It found that participants psychological well being levels do not statistically significant as licensed sport make sitution (p> 0.05). In addition to psychological state of the participants according to age groups it was found that no statistically significant difference (p> 0.05). Keywords: Sports, psychological well being, age, gender
Category: Social Science

[10] viXra:1511.0298 [pdf] submitted on 2015-11-30 13:29:31

The Evaluation of The Problems Releated To The Women’s Not Being Able To Participate in Recreation Activities

Authors: Berrin GÜNER
Comments: 8 Pages.

The term ‘‘Recreation’’ is defined as people’s participating in some kind of activities in their free time of their own accords to gain their body and soul health which are destroyed in time because of some reasons ( Koçyiğit& Yıldız 2014). And there is an increase in free time duration out of work so people can participate in recreation activities more and more. There creation activities which are originally free time activities affect the lives of people positively. Recreation activities which are mostly physical body activities affect the human health positively from many aspects. However there are many factors which prevent people participating in recreation activities. Especially women have trouble when they want to take part in recreationactivities .Theycan’ttakepart in recreationactivities as theywishcomfortably in this social structure. In this paper it is aimed to evaluate the problems of women releated to not being able to participate in recreation activities. Keywords: Woman, freetime, recreation
Category: Social Science

[9] viXra:1511.0297 [pdf] submitted on 2015-11-30 13:30:45

Investigation of Warm Up And Cooling Habits And Knowledge Levels in Boxing Sport Athletes

Authors: Mesut HEKİM
Comments: 12 Pages.

Boxing athletes warming and information on habits determination, besides aimed to investigate on heating and cooling habits sports in this research. A total of 49 male boxers participated in the study. Consisting of 19 questions questionnaire was used as data collection. SPSS 22.0 software was used for data analysis. Frequency and chi-square analyzes were used. At the end of the study it was determined that warm-up high levels before training and competition in boxer. Similarly, the athletes have been found often make cool exercise. The knowledge about the heating and cooling operation is determined to be high in athletes. Only sport-specific warm-up and stretching exercises / stretching has been found to have low level. In addition, determined that the warming habits not influence the year to deal with sports in athletes. Keywords: Sport, sports warm-up, cooling down
Category: Social Science

[8] viXra:1511.0296 [pdf] submitted on 2015-11-30 13:32:18

To Evaluation Dimensions of Turkish Football Fan Violence And Factors Affecting Fans Violent

Authors: Servet REYHAN
Comments: 12 Pages.

The aim of this study to evaluate the size of violent football fans in Turkey, the factors influencing the severity fans as well. It has been reached on the issue as priority in the survey research. According to the relevant literature, football violence, the size of the crowd violence, factors affecting crowd violence, some topics have been created in the form of research on the subject. When the research findings assessment, it found that the media, the attitude of the referees, the club manager attitudes and discourses, rival supporters, team's poor play and a variety of socio-demographic factors influencing the football fans violence in Turkey. The aggressive behavior of their fans were found to be verbal aggressive behavior commonly. It was determined that a high level of involvement in the crime fans. Keywords: Sports, football, fan violence
Category: Social Science

[7] viXra:1511.0295 [pdf] submitted on 2015-11-30 13:34:08

Evaluation of The Sportmanship Behaviors of The Secondary School Students in Terms of Different Variables

Authors: Umut SEZER, Arıkan EKTİRİCİ, Ayşe Feray ÖZBAL, Kadir ATLI
Comments: 10 Pages.

The aim of this study is to investigate sportsmanship behaviors of secondary school students in terms of different variables. The study was conducted on 424 female, 429 male total 853 secondary school students. “Sportspersonship Behavior Scale in Physical Education Course” which is developed by Koç (2015) is used as data collection tool. T-test and ANOVA were used in the data analyses. As a result of the analysis significant difference was found between groups according to gender, grade level, mother’s education level, father’s education level, academic achievement level, physical education and sports teacher’s gender, the occasion of viewing the sports competition from the bleacher variables (p<.05). Keywords: Fair-Play, Sportsmanship, Behavior, Physical Education, Sports
Category: Social Science

[6] viXra:1511.0294 [pdf] submitted on 2015-11-30 13:35:41

Investigation of Stress And Aggression Level of High School Students In Terms of Some Variables

Authors: Vedat ULUIŞIK, Kadir PEPE
Comments: 13 Pages.

The purpose of this study is to examine stress and aggression levels of high school students in sport making sitution. Totally 365 students, taking education at different education institution in Burdur city center, participated to study. “Stress at Working Life” scale developed by Odabaşı (2006) was used to identify students’ stress levels. “Aggression Scale” developed by Buss and Perry (1992) was used to identify students’ aggression levels. SPSS 22.0 for Windows program was used in statistical analysis of data obtained from research. In the end of research, it was established that students’ aggression level is represented significant difference as their, participation type of sport and interested sport type (p<0,05). It was established that students’ stress level is represented significant difference as their, interested sport type (p<0,05). It was found that participation type of sport does not affect students’ stress level (p>0,05). As a result, it may be said that participation to sport in high school students have affects on stress and aggression level. Keywords: High school students, sport, stress, aggression
Category: Social Science

[5] viXra:1511.0199 [pdf] submitted on 2015-11-20 20:14:18

Emotions, Self-Interest and Self-Worth in Minimal Bargaining Interactions

Authors: Ramzi Suleiman, Yuval Samid
Comments: 40 Pages.

Studies on the ultimatum game explain the rejection of low offers as costly punishment imposed by responders on unfair proposers. It is also argued that negative emotions serve as the proximate mechanism for such behavior. This article reports two experimental studies demonstrating that the rejection of low offers is also driven by a desire to maintain a sense of self-worth and that negative emotions alone are poor predictors of responders’ rejections. For this purpose we used a novel variant of the ultimatum game, in which rejecting an offer results in the proposer keeping the entire amount, thus eliminating the possibility of punishment and replacing it with a possible positive reinforcement. Although rejections entail rewarding the proposers instead of punishing them, a sizable percentage of the responders rejected low offers. Accepting low offers was found to be associated with the desire for profit maximization, while rejecting similarly low offers was associated with the desire to maintain self-worth. The evolutionary puzzle of rejecting low offers, even at a cost of rewarding unfair proposers, is resolved by adopting a wider framework of human interactions; one which accounts not only for the bearing of an interaction on the players' material capital, but also on their symbolic capital. Within such a framework, the rejection of low offers in the investigated game, as in many significant real-life situations, is explained as costly signals aimed at protecting attributes of symbolic capital, such as self-worth, status and prestige.
Category: Social Science

[4] viXra:1511.0132 [pdf] submitted on 2015-11-16 09:23:51

Minimal Being as Implosion of Communication

Authors: Dan Valeriu Voinea, Elena Rodica Opran, Ștefan Vlăduțescu
Comments: 7 Pages.

This study examines the poetry specific of one of greatest contemporary Romanian poets, Ioan Es. Pop. It follows that the Ioan Es. Popřs senses lyrics becomes a lyric of subsenses, of blunt senses. This lyric is one of the minimal being in continuous contraction, retreat, under an increasingly pressing fatigue. Its voice is modulated by the direct effects of phenomena that affect the senses: fatigue, drink, sleepiness, reverie, aging, anesthesia. In poetical and generating order the major Ioan Es. Popřs contribution is concept introducing of Ŗeidosŗ minimal being.
Category: Social Science

[3] viXra:1511.0069 [pdf] submitted on 2015-11-08 12:03:06

Communicative Message as Nuclear Thinking of an Aspirational Desire

Authors: Ștefan Vlăduțescu
Comments: 16 Pages.

The paper is positioned in the Fundamentals of Communication Science zone. The approach is message-meanings centered and assumes that, at meta-analytic level, the message is the nucleus of communication. The first axiomatic finding is that, on semantic dimension, the message is an edifice of meanings. A second axiomatic finding is that, on operational dimension, the message is common construction of communicators. A third axiomatic finding is that, on ontological dimension, the message has no independent existance; as volatile as the meaning, the message takes the concrete form of discourse. A fourth axiomatic finding is that, on the pragmatic dimension, efficient and effective message is given that speech with which it is trained is planned and prepared in advance. Finally, fifth axiomatic finding is that the message is articulated threefold: cognitive, affective and volitional, ie communicative message is nuclear thinking of an aspirational desire.
Category: Social Science

[2] viXra:1511.0068 [pdf] submitted on 2015-11-08 12:05:00

A Battle with Uncertainty 1 of Communication as an Academic Discipline: Title Uncertainty

Authors: Ștefan Vlăduțescu
Comments: 11 Pages.

The study falls within the basic research component of General Communication Science and deals with one of the major ontological uncertainty of communication as an academic discipline: uncertainty about the title. It is considered a meta-analysis of denominative options. First, it appears that, in fact, there are four communication uncertainties: uncertainty regarding title, uncertainty about status, uncertainty of place and uncertainty of unificationfragmentation. Then in a constructive-cognitive-cogitative approach of titles under which communication is studied (“Communication”, “Communication theory”, “Communicology”, “Communication study”, “Communication studies”, “Communication science”, "Sciences de l' information et de la communication"); it highlights the uncertainty on the title. Our meta-analytic approach is to remove a few nuclei of certainty from the mass of uncertainty. From these ideational formations of certainty crystallized by meta-analysis General Communication Science results a possible, rigorous, robust, flexible and convergent title, consisting of Fundamental Communication Science, Applied Communication Research and "Grounded Practical" Communication Application. The war with the uncertainties must continue: the other three are to be studied.
Category: Social Science

[1] viXra:1511.0033 [pdf] submitted on 2015-11-03 11:50:43

Există O Lume Mai Bună, Dar Este Foarte Scumpă. Folclor Umoristic Internetist (Xiii),

Authors: Florentin Smarandache
Comments: 652 Pages.

Prezentul volum este al treisprezecelea volum din seria de folclor umoristic internetist. Materialele prezentate sunt, pe de o parte, oferite spre divertisment personal, pe de altă parte, sunt doar o bucată a unei cercetări sistematice a fenomenului umoristic la români (aşa cum se exprimă acesta prin bancuri). Textele şi fotografiile din seria antologiilor de folclor umoristic au fost primite de la cunoscuţi şi necunoscuţi prin e-mail sau culese din reţele de socializare.
Category: Social Science