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[4] viXra:1512.0469 [pdf] submitted on 2015-12-29 08:23:31

Functions and Forms of Managerial Communication

Authors: Ștefan Vlăduțescu, Ilie Budică, Aurelia Dumitru, Georgiana Camelia Stănescu
Comments: 11 Pages.

This study is circumscribed to the domain of organizational communication and it is located within the specific field of managerial communication. It aims to clarify the purpose, functions and forms of managerial communication. The central approach is one of clarification and classification; in this respect, the approach is one of ontology of managerial communication (ontology includes vocabulary, terminology, classifications and typologies of a knowledge field). The research method that is used is complex and consists of a mix of meta-analytic procedures, procedures for collation, corroboration and synthesis procedures. Specialty literature is subject to a radiographic view in order to delineate ideas, opinions and theses related to the topic. Finally, our contribution consists of a) revealing, that managerial communication fulfills seven functions (information, decision transmission, influence, instruction, image, motivation, promotion) and c) in emphasizing that managerial communication is presented under seven forms (internal, external, vertical, horizontal, diagonal, linear, bipolar, and network communication).
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[3] viXra:1512.0385 [pdf] submitted on 2015-12-21 09:15:35

Liminality and Neutrosophy

Authors: Bianca Teodorescu
Comments: 3 Pages.

This study is an application of Neutrosophy in the sphere of liminality. First, the aim of this study is to underline the importance of the concept of Neutrosophy that was intro-duced by the professor Florentin Smarandache correlated with the concept of the liminality. According to Arnold Van Gennep and Victor Turner, in the liminality, the rituals are conducted to put the people in an ambiguous state where everything there is not true or neither false and meaning that the threshold state is neutral. Rituals, myths or rites are representing indeed a form of communication, but on an unclear level, determined by the uncertainty. Liminality has a part which is working under the uncer-tainty’s rules of Neutrosophy: when a person is participat-ing in the rituals, he is searching a truth and risk a false. This means that the threshold state is improving the per-ception of the people from the moment when starts a ritu-al. But the threshold state can be generated also by the media. Rituals of the mass media are created in order to change the society’s perception, persuading the idea of what is true and false.
Category: Social Science

[2] viXra:1512.0324 [pdf] submitted on 2015-12-14 17:36:29

Paraphysical Jurisprudent Massacre Mediation

Authors: Richard L. Amoroso
Comments: 16 Pages.

It is possible and thereby feasible to develop and implement a pragmatic methodology for a preemptive evidentiary system of ‘Paraphysical Jurisprudence’ for mediating the occurrence of massacres. A required comprehensive completion and formalizing of the tools of epistemology (theory of knowledge) already exists and has been tested both ecumenically and scientifically. The evolution of epistemology has followed the historical progression from myth and superstition to logic and reason to empiricism and now finally to the utility of ‘transcendence’ as a tool in knowledge acquisition. An inspiring example from popular culture is illustrated in the 2002 Hollywood film noir “Minority Report” designed by its director to present a ‘plausible future world’ for the year 2054 wherein an elaborate ‘Precrime Unit’ is tested to prevent murder by utilizing a trio of ‘precogs’ bathed in a ‘photonic milk’ able to presciently predetermine impending occurrences of homicide for which the Precrime Police Unit then intervenes to prevent. Disdain for a putative so-called scientific metaphysics by natural philosophers is deeply rooted in modern pragmatic societies; perhaps rightly so as consistency, credibility and lack of a comprehensive theory has been heretofore emphatically lacking. In addition to the major problem of repeatability is the perceived distinction between domains of the physical and so-called ‘spiritual’ as mutually exclusive. In this work a strong case is made for the rigorous viability and near term putative implementation of a system of paraphysical jurisprudence drawing on the utility of a panoply of concepts. The remaining question is when does feasible become practical in the face of a steady increase in the heinous massacre of innocents?
Category: Social Science

[1] viXra:1512.0114 [pdf] submitted on 2015-12-03 22:51:10

Danger of Big Discovery

Authors: Evgeny A. Novikov
Comments: 1 Page.

How nice is to make a small discovery. Journals are happy to publish your papers. Respect and friendliness surround you, grants are coming to you...a Paradise! Not so, if you make a big discovery. Everybody suspects that you are impudent, cheat or crazy. Journals reject your papers without review. No respect, no support...a Hell!
Category: Social Science