Thermodynamics and Energy

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Model-Based Analysis of Hypothalamus Controlled Fever: the Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamic Aspect

Authors: Feng Lin
Comments: 24 Pages. interdiscipline of medical science and non-equilibrium thermodynamics

We focus on the symptom of hypothalamus controlled fever, which is in fact a problem related to non-equilibrium system. Since live human body has constant temperature, whose dissipation is easy to be figured out by observation, it is a suitable candidate for non-equilibrium system to study. In our paper, human body is regarded as a 2-compartment-system: one is the chemical-reaction network, the other is observed by mechanical motion which means the vital signs apart from body temperature. Van der Pol model is used to describe the overall effect of chemical reaction network in human body. When the parameter of mathematical model is set to guarantee the mathematical model to be in limit cycle oscillation state, the energy absorbtion and releasing is computed. With the help of body temperature, which can be observed, the energy metabolism of overall effect of chemical reaction network is figured out. We have figured out the conditions when human is at healthy and fever how the mathematical respond. This response is just the overall effect of chemical reaction network. This research may be capable of answering the question whether fever is a kind of illness or some response of body to maintain its life? From our study, hypothalamus controlled fever is beneficial to maintain life.
Category: Thermodynamics and Energy