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[2] viXra:1701.0663 [pdf] submitted on 2017-01-29 16:00:15

Urine Hydrogen Power (U.H.P)

Authors: Ahmed Ibrahim Mohamed Ahmed, Mohamed Yehia Zakaria Arafa, Shady Essam Ramzy Taodharos
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The whole world suffers from a huge problem which is the lack of energy whether it’s because the insufficient production or the increasing consumption and there are consequences for this problem such as increasing the percent of pollutants and harmful gases in the environment because of using use fossil fuel as a source of energy to compensate the lack of energy, so the whole tries to exploit alternative energies such as renewable energy because they’re clean, cheap and will solve the problem of energy. (Urine Hydrogen Power) is believed to be a huge factor in solving the energy problem as urine is going to be used to generate electricity. It’s an efficient, sustainable and economic solution since urine is produced everywhere, as humans alone are estimated to produce 6.4 trillion liters per year. The project will meet our grand challenge as we will work on renewable energy resources. This project is estimated to produce about 3 moles of Hydrogen with a weight of 6 grams from the electrolysis of one liter of urine, then the fuel cell is used to convert this hydrogen into energy to produce electricity by combining it with oxygen. A solution like that will not cost so much and would be efficient, so it meets the design requirements of any successful solution. In conclusion, the results of our tests which were much better than we expected showed that this project is a perfect solution to solve the problem of one of the world’s largest demands which is energy.
Category: Chemistry

[1] viXra:1701.0548 [pdf] submitted on 2017-01-20 01:16:07

Nano Bubble Technology: A New Way to Sustainable Jeans Finishing

Authors: Elias Khalil
Comments: 2 Pages.

A new technology based on nano bubbles developed and patented by a Spanish company, Jeanologia, is known as e-flow. The e-flow ‘breaks up’ the surface of the garment, achieving soft hand feel and controlling shrinkage. A minimal quantity of water is needed and there is zero discharge from the process. Air from the atmosphere is introduced into an electro flow reactor and subjected to an electromechanical shock creating nano bubbles and a flow of wet air. The nano bubble mix is then transported into a rotating tumbler containing the denim garments, and when it comes into contact with them produces a soft and natural hand feel. The garments are then dried in the same tumbler. When treating indigo dyed garments with this technology, some indigo cross contamination may occur that can be eliminated by a dry ozone treatment.
Category: Chemistry