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[3] viXra:1202.0094 [pdf] replaced on 2012-03-12 15:30:18

On Leveraging the Chaotic and Combinatorial Nature of Deterministic N-Body Dynamics on the Unit M-Sphere in Order to Implement a Pseudo-Random Number Generator

Authors: S Halayka
Comments: 10 Pages. Made corrections and added paragraph about prediction-correction.

The goal of this paper is to describe how to implement a pseudo-random number generator by using deterministic n-body dynamics on the unit m-sphere. Throughout this paper we identify several types of patterns in dynamics, along with ways to interrupt the formation of these patterns.
Category: General Science and Philosophy

[2] viXra:1202.0016 [pdf] submitted on 2012-02-06 18:34:57

Causality vs Information: Postscript to "Spiritual and Scientific Principles of the 'tetrahedron Model'

Authors: John A. Gowan
Comments: 4 Pages. postscript to an existing paper

While "Information" is a good and very general characterization of the fundamental significance of matter, both for the "Tetrahedron Model" and the Universe, it is not quite "active" enough in its meaning to successfully complement and connect to the other three conservation principles of the Tetrahedron Model. "Information" is an energy state or configuration, whereas the Conservation of Energy, Entropy, and the Conservation of Symmetry are aggressively protected conservation principles. Causality is also an actively protected conservation principle, and it connects with the other three in a very profound and illuminating way, as we shall hopefully see below. Meanwhile, although "Information" is to be demoted to a secondary position in terms of activity or action among the "Tetragrammaton" of conservation laws, it obviously remains of first importance as regards the description of the significance of the system in its entirety. It is in fact the potent combination of Causality and Information that makes up matter's "causal matrix" within the conservation domain of historic spacetime, the "Karma" and "Akashic Record" of metaphysical systems of thought. Causality and Information depend upon each other for much of their meaning, but the linkage to the remaining conservation laws is clearer and stronger in the case of Casualty. Finally, Causality necessarily implies Information, but not the reverse. Information therefore remains as a corollary of Causality. Information is a conserved parameter in quantum mechanics and in historical spacetime.
Category: General Science and Philosophy

[1] viXra:1202.0006 [pdf] submitted on 2012-02-02 08:59:43

A General Systems Approach to the Unified Field Theory: Part 4 (General Systems Discussion)

Authors: John A. Gowan
Comments: 8 Pages. This paper is in four parts due to length

The author views certain religious, mythological, astrological, and occult "World Systems" or cosmologies as examples of ancient, intuitive General Systems which display relevant features of the universal 4x3 fractal algorithm, a pattern also seen in today's "scientific" or "rational" cosmologies. These intuitive systems are examined in the context of their General Systems properties only, without endorsement in any other sense.
Category: General Science and Philosophy