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[6] viXra:1711.0478 [pdf] submitted on 2017-11-30 11:00:58

Classification of the Sciences

Authors: Arsen A. Movsesyan
Comments: 8 Pages.

The article provides a solution to the problem of classification of the Sciences. This long-standing and important problem is solved on the basis of a new theory of cognition, which is built proceeding from some general physical representations and heuristic glance at the basics of General Psychology. The criteria for completeness of the foundation of any cognitive system and any research, which are critical for classification of the Sciences is also formulated and justified. Relevant disciplines of the physical, psychical and informational levels, as well as the Social Sciences in relation of society are represented in tabular form.
Category: General Science and Philosophy

[5] viXra:1711.0415 [pdf] submitted on 2017-11-25 11:08:03

Origin of Species by Charles Darwin vs. Stellar Metamorphosis: Absence or Rarity of Transitional Varieties

Authors: Jeffrey Joseph Wolynski
Comments: 2 Pages. 1 illustration

A short parallel is drawn up between Darwin's Origin of Species and stellar metamorphosis in relation to the absence or rarity of transitional varieties. It is made clear in this paper that both are quite similar in their trouble, but can both be explained in light of their own progresses.
Category: General Science and Philosophy

[4] viXra:1711.0413 [pdf] submitted on 2017-11-24 13:01:57

The Hypothesis of Descending Mind

Authors: Konstantin M. Golubev
Comments: 20 Pages.

It is a try to present a view on intellectual evolution using systems analysis. Intellect is considered as a system of interacting elements organized to achieve one or more stated purposes. The author started research on intellect modeling in 1986, realized several applied projects and published papers on theory and practice of intellect modeling in Russia (1), Italy (2), Great Britain (3), France and Germany (4). The hypothesis is in no way connected with any religion, because it does not presume existence of entities not belonging to our world. The assumption is that intellectual evolution could appear on much more wider scale than it was supposed previously. As a prediction for Humankind the role it plays could be much bigger than only resources wasting. The facts used are widely known and some references are included to show that it is not a pure speculation.
Category: General Science and Philosophy

[3] viXra:1711.0402 [pdf] submitted on 2017-11-23 22:03:52

Self-Realization: The Supreme Worship

Authors: Sai Venkatesh Balasubramanian
Comments: 1 Page.

The highest height of thought, philosophy and worship, the cognizance of the Self and the Truth, is outlined.
Category: General Science and Philosophy

[2] viXra:1711.0135 [pdf] submitted on 2017-11-05 03:09:20

Utopianism and the Sciences

Authors: Miguel A. Sanchez-Rey
Comments: 4 Pages.

Utopian science and its own sake.
Category: General Science and Philosophy

[1] viXra:1711.0120 [pdf] submitted on 2017-11-04 08:24:04

The Principle of Maximal Geochemical Activity (MGA)

Authors: Vladimir Aksayskiy
Comments: 3 Pages.

The Principle of Maximal Geochemical Activity MGA is included in “trial and error method” – the instrument to search a new. From what I know today, the greatest predictive power has the principle of maximum geochemical activity. Activity in the broadest sense: material, energy, informative. In the Russian-language scientific literature, it was first clearly stated by academician V.I. Vernadsky. All living things on the planet throughout their milliards of years’ existence obey this principle and develop in accordance with it. According to V. I. Vernadsky, it is the empirical regularity that has never been broken on the planet. There were stops, but there was no return.
Category: General Science and Philosophy