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1904 Submissions

[10] viXra:1904.0568 [pdf] submitted on 2019-04-29 22:04:39


Authors: Bertrand Wong
Comments: 3 Pages.

As conscious, intelligent beings, we may question reality - whether something is real, imaginary or just hypothetical. Reality is intangible, abstract and we may wonder what it really is. How do we know or prove that something is real and not imaginary, hypothetical or just a dream? This paper attempts to grapple with some of these issues.
Category: General Science and Philosophy

[9] viXra:1904.0536 [pdf] submitted on 2019-04-27 11:05:40

Theory of Objectivity Third Theory of the Origin of the Universe, Alternative to the Big Bang Theory and Creationism

Authors: Vidamor Cabannas
Comments: 314 Pages. More information and comments on Theory of Objectivity and Author Vidamor Cabannas can be found at

THE THEORY OF OBJECTIVITY is a third theory of the origin of the universe, serving as an alternative to the Big Bang Theory and Creationism. It describes how the universe was formed from Nothing. However, Nothing does not have the same meaning as zero and actually implies the existence of a logic prior to atomic existence. The fundamentals of this theory are seven absolute truths, based on logical premises of geometric, mathematical, and rational order. It explains the formation of the space, atomic units, and existential systems. Time and space in this theory have the same meaning. It also includes a description of quantum mechanics based on the essential logic of the theory. Prior to the existential Universal Era there was an antagonistic time, in which there were as yet no atomic elements, but only the logical expansion of Nothing, based on seven fundamental mathematical truths, called absolute truths. At the end of the Antagonistic Era, the universe was formed in a logical way and time became countable. The formation and transmission of knowledge are determining factors, and in fact they represent one of the fundamental pillars of the Theory of Objectivity.
Category: General Science and Philosophy

[8] viXra:1904.0515 [pdf] submitted on 2019-04-26 12:22:10

Time Reversal

Authors: Adham Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed
Comments: 1 Page. ty

if you reverse the constants time goes backwards
Category: General Science and Philosophy

[7] viXra:1904.0401 [pdf] submitted on 2019-04-20 09:41:18

On Physics and Politics in the United States after World War II

Authors: Divyansh Mansukhani
Comments: 7 Pages.

The atom bomb was used by the US as a wartime weapon. The detonation of this recent technology got the military to realize it as a remarkable asset and subsequently, supported hydrogen bombs. This transition which continued during the post-war peacetime period – encompassed noteworthy changes in relationship between the physics community and US politics. The cause for the transition is that government realized with the hydrogen bombs, which was also true for atomic bombs at the time, that they were inherently different from all previous weaponry and to accomplish a successful business for the military, a peaceful rapport with the physics community was necessitated. Further, government realized that the new weapons were practically unrestrained in regard to the destructive potential that they could inflict. This paper investigates the attitude of both the parties towards each other after the World War II. Physics gradually got taken more as resource - this necessitated more trust from physics community, which politicians worked to obtain as they sought to mitigate security concerns and the potential embarrassments in the wave of McCarthyism and Red Scare. While the concept of militaries benefiting from general advancements in technology and science is certainly not new, many physicists involved in the development of nuclear weapons argued that it marked uncharted territory in what lengths science should be applied to war; at least the US should not break any lines.
Category: General Science and Philosophy

[6] viXra:1904.0321 [pdf] submitted on 2019-04-16 12:45:12

The Unprecedented Decade

Authors: HG Haleswood
Comments: 12 Pages.

In response to various reports of ongoing crises throughout the world, this essay has been written with the aim of proposing a radical transition in the way the world currently operates. Through general observation, the case presented below posits that human labour is insufficient to provide the means of modern lifestyles, and that current economic systems are incompatible with a sustainable and decent human lifestyle due to this insufficient productivity. To compensate, mechanised labour has been produced and implemented to offset this insufficiency, but at the cost of the environment and a growing human insolvency. To avoid economic and ecological disaster, this essay posits that human labour must be abandoned and replaced by sustainably powered and automated labour worldwide, simultaneously fulfilling the various global demands freely and obsoleting emissions-intensive mechanised labour. Doing so would eliminate economic contentions that prevent many from attaining a decent quality of life while also addressing the issue of heavily polluting industries.
Category: General Science and Philosophy

[5] viXra:1904.0263 [pdf] submitted on 2019-04-14 15:36:27

Permanent Solution To The Global Water Problem.

Authors: Logistic Releaf Society.
Comments: 2 Pages. Please, leave comments below the vedio, that link is mentioned at the end of the Paper. For further details mail at .

This is the need of the Decade. So please, spread this paper as far as possible, until this reaches the hands of the Organisation or Persons, Who can take care of that. And we kindly request you to be & make aware of The Common People about the Problem as far as possible, as if they get awareness, they may also start to think about the Solution to it, which may also be better than this. Thanking you. Hopping You, L.R.S..
Category: General Science and Philosophy

[4] viXra:1904.0246 [pdf] submitted on 2019-04-14 02:16:53

Effectiveness of Multiple Tray-Aerators in Reducing Iron (Fe) Water Wells in Gowa Regency, Indonesia

Authors: Ronny, Abdul Hafid Hasim
Comments: 4 Pages.

The aim of this study was to see the effectiveness of aeration in decreased levels of iron (Fe) in water wells before and after the aeration process using multiple tray aerator methods. The use of multiple tray aeration is expected to reduce the levels of iron (Fe) in water wells. This research is an experiment with 30 samples of good water that had higher levels of iron (Fe), which do not qualify as water obtained by non-random sampling in Gowa Regency. To find out the effectiveness decreased levels of iron (Fe) before and after aeration performed with SPSS statistical testing. The results obtained show the rate of decline in levels of iron (Fe) average about 2.21 mg/L with an average percentage of 68.01% decline. Value levels of iron (Fe) on average after aeration obtained at 1.12 mg/L. Although it has seen a decline the effective look at the results showed significant before and after the aeration is done but not yet clean water requirements with value levels of iron (Fe) up to 1.00. In contrast to the results of another study that the results of decreased levels of iron (Fe) obtained only around 0.20 mg/L or simply a decline of about 10%. The difference in the results achieved by the research conducted in the laboratory with a reduction of circulating air in the rooms was not big. To achieve the levels of iron (Fe) to fit the requirements it is necessary to further processing after aeration. Aeration method with multiple tray aerator can reduce levels of iron (Fe) in water wells significantly but the results are not yet qualified to clean water.
Category: General Science and Philosophy

[3] viXra:1904.0197 [pdf] submitted on 2019-04-10 14:33:39

Fine Structure Constant for Gravity or do We Feel Gravitons

Authors: Vladimir Aksayskiy
Comments: 1 Page.

This paper presents an estimate of gravitational fine-structure constant.
Category: General Science and Philosophy

[2] viXra:1904.0141 [pdf] replaced on 2019-04-23 10:59:28

Probability of Immortality and God’s Existence. A Mathematical Perspective

Authors: Jesús Sánchez
Comments: 11 Pages.

What are the probabilities that this universe is repeated exactly the same with you in it again? Is God invented by human imagination or is the result of human intuition? The intuition that the same laws/mechanisms (evolution, stability winning probability) that have created something like the human being capable of self-awareness and controlling its surroundings, could create a being capable of controlling all what it exists? Will be the characteristics of the next universes random or tend to something? All these questions that with different shapes (but the same essence) have been asked by hu-man beings from the beginning of times will be developed in this paper.
Category: General Science and Philosophy

[1] viXra:1904.0063 [pdf] submitted on 2019-04-03 11:03:57

P-S Standard

Authors: Egger Mielberg
Comments: 9 Pages.

An information of any kind can take two forms, at least. The first one is interpreted as a solution to a problem. The second one is interpreted as a plain text. For the last several centuries the mankind generated tons of different information relating to a number of different fields. Number of standards were created for the purpose of ruling its applications. But what percent of the generated information is a real solution for a real problem? 10% or less? We propose a simple solution for such an important problem as a “converting text to solution”, IPSC standard. It is abbreviation for “Introduction-Problem-Solution-Conclusion”.
Category: General Science and Philosophy